Sunday, January 24, 2016

Breaking News! We Have the Family Details

A Family is Coming

The St Alban's Refugee Fund is delighted to share the details of the refugee family.  A family of six is set to arrive in a couple of weeks.

The couple we are welcoming into our community is a father (29) and a mother (28) and their four children.  Two boys ages 6 and 1 and two girls ages 4 and 1 possibly twins for the two younger ones.  They are from Syria and are currently residing in Jordan.  

This is an exciting time for the perish and the community.  A heartfelt thanks to all involved with this initiative within the parish and the community.  Without the warm hearts and commitment we would not have been able to move the family here so quickly. 

As mentioned in today's sermon: We have not allowed negativity in our hearts despite all of the negativity that prevails in others and social media.   We are following in the footsteps of Jesus.  Jesus loved everyone of every descent!

Want to help?   You can by donating to the St Alban's Refugee Fund at St Albans directly, or click the link below. 

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